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How to start
Step 1
At first look of the page you want to start is still available.
You can check the availability here

Step 2
Register the page of your interest.
You can register here

Step 3
You will receive a email to confirm te registration.

Step 4
To next step is to Log In on the page.
To log in you go to here

Step 5
At first you can make the page the color you like.
To change the colors (background, categorie header, text and mouseover) go to "General Settings"

Step 6
Make a new Categorie bij click on "Add New Categorie"

Step 7
Below the categorie header you see three options to add.

- Add Link
- Add Text
- Add URL-Image

Now you can make the links to the sites you want. Go to the DEMO page to see how it works:

click HERE to go to the DEMO

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